10765 Samples Rd.
501 - 316 - 1985
Volume 18
Issue 1
JUST CONSIDER: by Dr. Sid Sample
SEPTEMBER IS AN IMPORTANT MONTH! Many families are adjusting to School
Schedules. Summer is over and we are getting back in the routine of things. Hope-
fully, if you haven't already, you will make Worship, Bible Study and the Church in
general a priority for the family. We have a place, a ministry, for every member of
the family. The Church is instructed by our Lord to “make disciples”. It is impossi-
ble if you are not here. I am really proud of our programs and ministries and the
qualified leaders God has given us. So... join us in this grand ministry of Discipling.
As you read this Newsletter, you will notice the opportunities that are afforded you
and each member of your family.
WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD: He is often limited by our lack of, or little faith. As a
Church, we are looking at a New Sanctuary and remodeling the present sanctuary
into a two story educational facility. It will take great faith! In the presence of the
King, we are to ask for BIG things.
The story is told that professional golfer Arnold Palmer was to play a series of exhi-
bition matches in Saudi Arabia. The King was so impressed with the golfer that he
offered him a gift. Not realizing that gift - giving is central to Saudi hospitality, Palmer
politely declined. The King was extremely offended and displeased. So Palmer
reconsidered. He said, "Well, how about a golf club?" Palmer was thinking of a
single club as a memento of his visit. The Saudi King was delighted.
The following day, a messenger delivered to Palmer's hotel the title to a fabulous
Golf Club with 36 holes, trees, lakes, club house, cart buildings, etc. The moral of
this story is clear: "In the presence of The King, don't ask for small gifts!"
HERE IS WHAT I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND. We are not dealing with a small
proprietor when we talk about this New Life Baptist. This is God's Church and He
has demonstrated already what He can do and wants to do with New Life Baptist.
Let us not be guilty of shutting down the blessings of God with a lack of faith and a
small vision.
This is a quote from William Carey who went to India as a missionary against all
odds. He is known as the "Father of the Modern Missionary Movement."
The Bible tells of many whose faith in God produced amazing results. Hebrews tells
of those “who through faith subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained
promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the
edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong” (11:33 - 34).
I WANT TO JOIN THIS GROUP OF BELIEVERS when it comes to the work of God
here at New Life Baptist. How about you?
Welcome New Members
Sunday, September 17, 12pm
Young @ Heart
3rd Labor Day - 6pm service canceled
Annisa Jackson
16213 Joe Johnson Road
September 21
4th Labor Day - Church Office Closed
Benton, AR 72019
Grief Share will not meet
501 - 860 - 5202
6th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
7th Men’s Bible Study, 6am
Billy Ashcraft
2681 Highway 46 South
10th Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
Sheridan, AR 72150
Budget & Finance Meeting, 7pm
870 - 941 - 0064
Invite a Friend !
11th Grief Share, 6pm
13th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Roxane Arnold
Mom’s Connect Class, 6:30pm
4116 Tahoe Lane
Women’s Ministry
Benton, AR 72019
14th Men’s Bible Study, 6am
501 - 557 - 8160
Potato Bake & Auction
15th RA Campout
Saturday, September 16
16th RA Campout
Madison Taliaferro
Youth - The Block Project
3400 Hazelwood Drive
Women’s Potato Bake & Auction, 5:30pm
Benton, AR 72015
Please sign- up on the women’s
17th Annual Church Picnic, 12pm
501 - 303 - 0198
information board.
Celebration Choir Rehearsal canceled
6pm service canceled
Clint & Robin Butler
17478 Oak Forest
18th Grief Share, 6pm
Mabelvale, AR 72103
Mondays at 6pm
501 - 920 - 8349 or 501 - 920 - 8348
20th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Men’s Ministry Skeet Shoot & Target
Mom’s Connect Class, 6;30pm
21st Men’s Bible Study, 6am
Saturday, September
Young @Heart Mid - America Museum, 10am
23, 9am
23rd Men’s Ministry Skeet Shoot, 9am
19674 Dyer Trail,
24th Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
Bible Studies Beginning
Paron, AR 72122
25th Grief Share, 6pm
in September
26th Hospice House Noon Meal
December 26 -
January 4
27th Youth - See You at the Pole
Women’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Contact Roger Petty
Mom’s Connect Class, 6:30pm
for more information.
Youth - Saw You at the Pole, 6:30pm
Wednesday, September 6, 9am
28th Men’s Bible Study, 6am
Men’s Bible Study
“Kingdom Man”
29th Youth - Fall Retreat at Ferncliff
Thursday, September 7, 6am
30th Youth - Fall Retreat at Ferncliff
Men’s 33 Bible Study
Hospice House
Noon Meal
“A Man & His Traps”
Tuesday, September
Sunday, September 10, 4:30pm
September 29 - October 1st
Contact Kody Prothro
Mom’s Connect Class
Contact Connie Nichols
if you are able to help
Wednesday, September 13, 6:30pm
for more information.