10765 Samples Rd.
501 - 316 - 1985
Volume 17 Issue 11
July 2017
CONSIDER THIS: by Dr. Sid Sample
IT'S NOT JUST ANOTHER JULY: Check the Church Calendar and you will see
that July offers many opportunities here at New Life Baptist for spiritual growth,
Christian fellowship, recreation, etc. - Friday Night Singing, Lord's Supper,
Men's Breakfast, Kids Activities, Youth Camp, Young @ Heart trip, Family Movie
night, Single Adult Fellowship. And no doubt I have missed some. Just check
the Sunday Bulletin and the Church Calendar for all that is taking place. I have
not mentioned the regular Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening and Wednesday
Evening opportunities. Hey.... I just pray that you and your family members will
take advantage of these wonderful ministries.
VANCE HAVNER (1901 - 1986) was a mountain preacher from North Carolina.
Vance Havner was a popular revivalist known for his homespun storytelling and
memorable wordplay. He was a favorite at large Bible Conferences and Conven-
tions. He boldly proclaimed the word of God for seventy - three years. He wrote
51 books. I had the privilege of having him in one of the churches where I was
pastor. He had something to say that was worth listening to whether he was
speaking or writing in a book. By the way, his books are still available.
A prime example is his sermon from Joel 2:17, "Why should they say among the
peoples, "Where is their God?
"It is time we grew tired of hearing the pagans sneer, "Where is your God?" ...
What do you mean by singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" when most of your
army has deserted?
"I agree with Joel. I'm embarrassed when pagans walk by our half empty church-
es, look in on our feeble ceremonies, see us swapping members from church to
church, moving corpse from mortician to another, preaching a dynamite gospel
and living firecracker lives.
"We need to repent, confess, and forsake sin, renounce the world, make Jesus
Lord, and be filled with the Spirit. When we do, no longer will the pagans sneer,
"Where is your God?" ("In Times Like This")
ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT THE TIMES? We have never seen such
times as ours: lies, fake news, contempt, corruption, hatred, scorn and on and
on we could go.
However, I have good news. The Word of God has the answer for all of this. It is
up to us to spread this truth first of all to our family, our neighbors, our co - workers
and the world. The "heart" of man is the problem. We have "Good News!" JE-
SUS is the answer! Let the living Church of our Lord Jesus rise up for such an
occasion as this! Amen!
Welcome New Members
Men’s Ministry Breakfast
2nd 6pm Worship Service Canceled
Lindsey Harrison
Saturday, July 15th, 8am
Mt. Lebanon Youth Camp Begins
3913 Snow Lane
Please sign - up on the
Alexander, AR 72002
Men’s Information Board.
3rd The Daniel Plan, 6pm
Contact Roger Petty for
Mt. Lebanon Youth Camp
Email: reddie97@yahoo.com
more details.
4th Independence Day - Church Office Closed
Bob & Sandy Ray
Mt. Lebanon Youth Camp
8411 Renee Circle
5th Wednesday Evening Activities Canceled
Benton, AR 72019
Mt. Lebanon Youth Camp
RA Father/Son Fishing Trip
Email: dickiebob101@gmail.com
6th Mt. Lebanon Youth Camp
Saturday, July 15th
Following the Men’s Breakfast.
7th Friday Night Gospel Singing, 6:30pm
Larry & Cathy Ward
Contact Patrick Quinn
Mt. Lebanon Youth Camp Ends
6410 Pierce Manse Loop
for more information.
Benton, AR 72019
9th Lord’s Supper & Benevolence Offering
870-807-3407 or 870-807-3406
Committee on Committees, 4;30pm
Email: larry3634@sbcglobal.net
Budget & Finance Committee, 7:30pm
Will Massey
10th The Daniel Plan, 6pm
1106 Pine Forest Drive
Young @ Heart Day Trip
15th Men’s Ministry Breakfast, 8am
Benton, AR 72019
Thursday, July 20th, 9:30am
RA Father/Son Fishing Trip
Lum & Abner’s Jot’em Down Store &
Queen Wilhelmina State Park
17th The Daniel Plan, 6pm
Mike & Virginia Knight
Please sign - up on the Information Board.
Contact Paul Sheets for more details.
20th Young @ Heart, 9:30am
28 Blue Mountain Drive
*Jot’em Down Store & Queen Wilhelmina
Maumelle, AR 72113
22nd Family Movie Night, 7pm
Brianna & Madelyn Melhorn
23rd Children’s Team Meeting, 5pm
2533 Lakeside Drive
Celebration Choir
No Rehearsals in July
24th The Daniel Plan, 6pm
Benton, AR 72019
Rehearsals will resume
Sunday, August 13th
25th Hospice House Noon Meal
Cara Wilson
Contact Lynn Madden
323 Ruth
26th Deacon Ministry Meeting, 7:30pm
for more information.
Benton, AR 72019
31st The Daniel Plan
Friday Night Gospel
Family Movie Night
Hospice House Noon Meal
July 7th, 6:30pm
Saturday, July 22nd, 7pm
Tuesday, June 27th
Just bring your instrument
(in the church gym)
Contact Connie Nichols
& your voice!
if you are able to help
Contact Gary Shepard
with this ministry.
Contact Roger Petty for more details.