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Permit No. 526
Benton, AR 72015
New Life Baptist Church
10765 Samples Road
Alexander, AR 72002
Weekly Schedule of Services
Early Worship 8:15am
LifeGroups (Bible Study) 9:30am
Morning Worship 10:45am
Celebration Choir 4:45pm
New Life Kids Choir 4:45pm
Youth Upper Room 5:00pm
Mission Friends, RA’s, & GA’s 6:00pm
Evening Worship 6:00pm
Family Meal 5:30pm
Children’s Choir 5:45pm
TeamKid & Pre-Teen Ministries 6:30pm
Youth Worship 6:30pm
Adult Bible Study 6:30pm
Weekly Sermons and Calendar Updates can be
viewed on our website at:
LEAD PASTOR: John Venable
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10765 Samples Rd. 501-316-1985
Volume 18 Issue 2 October 2017
Fall is officially here! Football is finally back, the crisp air has returned, and
hunting season is in full effect. Fall sure does bring about a wonderful change!
My favorite thing about Fall is the gradual change of scenery. I love to see the
leaves turn & put on grand display all the beautiful colors of fall. There is beau-
ty in death. But that beauty only comes as a result of death. Don’t miss that.
The same is absolutely true for the follower of Jesus: there is beauty in death.
Even when death thought it won, Jesus rose from the grave fully alive. Even
when death thought it had us in the grips of our sin, Jesus conquered sin when
He rose from the grave & put death to death. There is so much life in the death
of Christ because of the power of His resurrection…and now He has the power
to resurrect us! Life truly comes only as a result of death. I pray you experience
the life of Jesus Christ this season.
Fall also gives us some things to look forward to here at New Life Baptist:
FALL FEST. This community-wide event will be hosted in our church gym with
loads of candy, game booths, and safe fun for the whole family. Consider how
God might use your time & efforts to be a part of this even by volunteering to
serve. Bring someone with you Tuesday, October 31!
LIFEGROUPS. We can’t encourage you enough to find community at New Life
this Fall. LifeGroups is where community exists at New Life. They provide an
opportunity for us to know and be known, love and be loved, serve and be
served, and to celebrate our walk with Jesus together. Find a family this
BE A BRINGER. You never know how God might use your efforts to bring
someone with you to church. God so often works one life at a time. God can
change one parent, change the family, change the home, change the
neighborhood, change the area, and ultimately change the world. May we be
faithful to be a part of that mission and desire to see life change by living out the
Great Commandment and fulfilling the Great Commission!
Glory to God in the highest!
John Venable
1st Lord’s Supper & Benevolence Offering
Baby Shower for Brittany Riggan, 2pm
Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
2nd Grief Share, 6pm
4th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Mom’s Connect Class, 6:30pm
5th Men’s Bible Study, 6am
7th Men’s Ministry Breakfast, 8am
New Life Kids Corn Maze & Bonfire 2pm
8th Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
Children’s Committee Meeting, 5pm
Budget & Finance Meeting, 7pm
9th Grief Share, 6pm
11th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Mom’s Connect Class, 6:30pm
12th Men’s Bible Study, 6am
13th Friday Night Sing, 6:30pm
Youth - 5th Quarter, 9pm
15th Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
16th Grief Share, 6pm
18th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Mom’s Connect Class, 6:30pm
19th Young @ Heart Potluck, 11:30am
23rd Grief Share, 6pm
24th Saline Memorial Hospice House Noon Meal
25th Mom’s Connect Class, 6:30pm
29th Deacon Ministry Meeting, 7pm
30th Grief Share, 6pm
31st Fall Fest, 6pm
Welcome New Members
Jeremy & Kelly Graves
4826 N. Shobe Road
Alexander, AR 72002
Lori Andrews
Grayson Jackson
4270 Salt Creek Road
Benton, AR 72019
Steve Jackson
16213 Joe Johnson Road
Benton, AR 72019
Emmy Hobby
704 North Drive
Benton, AR 72019
Saline Memorial Hospice House Noon Meal
Tuesday, October 24
Contact Connie Nichols
if you are able to help with this ministry.
October 31st
Families are invited to NLBC’s Community Wide Fall Fest. Enjoy
the food, child friendly games, fun fellowship, and the candy!
Be a part of the event by volunteering to host a game and/or
bringing individually wrapped candies for prizes. A sign up sheet
is on the Informaon Board to help with this ministry.
CBA Annual Meeng
October 19, 2017
5:30pm - 8:00pm
Barcelona Road Bapst Church
390 Barcelona Road
Hot Springs Village, AR
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Food & Fellowship
Annual Meeng
Rev. John Graves of
Grand Avenue Bapst will
present the Annual Message.
Friday Night Sing
October 13th
NLBC Singing Men
Sunday, October 22
Rehearsal in choir room
at 5:30pm
All men are invited”
Shampoo, Bath Soap, Dish Detergent &
Laundry Detergent are needed. Please
place items in designated baskets.
7th - 12th grade
Friday, October 13
9pm - 12am
Saturday, October 7 at 8am
Coming up in November
Family Thanksgiving Meal
Wednesday, November 15
New Life Kids 1st - 6th grade
Saturday, October 7, 2017 2pm - 8pm
Cost: $7 + extra for snacks
Church Bus Leaves at 2pm
Check out the NLK info board for all details