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Benton, AR 72015
New Life Baptist Church
10765 Samples Road
Alexander, AR 72002
Weekly Schedule of Services
Early Worship 8:15am
LifeGroups (Bible Study) 9:30am
Morning Worship 10:45am
Celebration Choir 4:45pm
New Life Kids Choir 4:45pm
Youth Upper Room 5:00pm
Mission Friends, RA’s, & GA’s 6:00pm
Evening Worship 6:00pm
Family Meal 5:30pm
Children’s Choir 5:45pm
TeamKid & Pre-Teen Ministries 6:30pm
Youth Worship 6:30pm
Adult Bible Study 6:30pm
Weekly Sermons and Calendar Updates can be
viewed on our website at:
LEAD PASTOR: John Venable
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Volume 18 Issue 6 February 2018
As we kicked o our new Sunday AM sermon series
“Exodus” this past month, I have been incredibly chal-
lenged & encouraged by the faith of Moses. In fact,
the writer of Hebrews menons Moses as one of the
great men of faith in the
Hebrews 11:27 tells us: “By faith he le Egypt, not
being afraid of the anger of the king, for he en-
dured as seeing him who is invisible.”
Noce where all of Moses’ faith was found: “…him
who is invisible.” Moses had faith in God
because he xed his eyes on God. Moses didn’t focus on the desert. Moses didn’t fo-
cus on the 40 years of preparaon. Moses didn’t even focus on his showdown with
Pharaoh. Moses simply had faith in the promise of God because He was determined to
seek the presence of God.
Understand, for Moses, seeing God was everything. Moses never even saw the Prom-
ised Land, but he saw God, and that was enough. I want faith like that. I want faith to
keep my eyes o my circumstances & my challenges, but to keep my eyes on Christ.
As we sele in 2018, let us connue to x our focus on Jesus. Satan would have no
greater sasfacon than to disrupt all that God is doing here. But, if we are deter-
mined to seek the presence of God, by faith, we’re going to see power of God in His
great plans, purposes, and promises for us!
Here are some ways to get plugged in this month:
IF:GATHERING. All ladies teen & up are invited to this intenonal small group gather-
ing February 9+10. Come gather, get equipped, and live out your purpose as a disciple
of Christ in community!
WILD GAME DINNER. Bring your enre family out for this special
community event on February 10 at 6pm. We will have some real good eang
& an even beer me in the Word of God. We will also have a special guest speaker
joining us from Missouri. Come out & come hungry!
FIND A PLACE. Our men & women ministries both gather weekly to study God’s Word
in community & fellowship. GriefShare connues to meet each Monday at 6pm. Our
small groups gather every Sunday at 9:30am to pour their lives into God’s Word & into
each other. Find your place here and be
challenged to be who the LORD created & called you to be!
CHURCH ANNIVERSARY. On February 14, our church will celebrate 36 years. Glory!
What a blessing it is to see how far God has brought us, and to see how many people
God has reached through you. We are so thankful to rejoice in all the LORD has done,
what He is doing now, and what He will
1st Men’s Bible Study, 6am
Building Committee Meeting, 6:30pm
4th Financial Peace University, 4pm
Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
LifeGroup Super Bowl Fellowships
7th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Mom’s Connect Class, 6;30pm
Building Committee Meeting, 7:30pm
Church Council, 7:30pm
8th Men’s Bible Study, 6am
9th IF: NEW LIFE, 6pm
10th IF: NEW LIFE, 9am
Men’s Ministry Wild Game Dinner, 6pm
11th Financial Peace University, 4pm
Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
Children’s Team Meeting, 5pm
Budget & Finance Meeting, 7pm
14th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Mom’s Connect Class, 6;30pm
Team Kid - Valentine Party, 6:30pm
15th Men’s Bible Study, 6am
Young @ Heart Sweetheart Banquet, 11:30am
17th Children’s Game Night, 6pm
18th Financial Peace University, 4pm
Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
Quarterly Business Meeting & Potluck, 7pm
21st Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Mom’s Connect Class, 6:30pm
22nd Men’s Bible Study, 6am
25th Financial Peace University, 4pm
Men’s 33 Bible Study, 4:30pm
Deacon Ministry Meeting, 7pm
27th Saline County Hospice House Noon Meal
28th Women’s Bible Study, 9am
Mom’s Connect Class, 6:30pm
Welcome New Members
Charles (Bud) & Jan Shelnut
1933 Burton Lane
Benton, AR 7019
501-454-8783 or 501-454-8783
Chris & Tish Newkirk
1101 Dale Avenue
Benton, AR 72015
Tammy Evans
25030 Long Rd Lot #6
Mabelvale, AR 72103
Mark & Dena Dixson
13059 Meadowridge Dr.
Benton, AR 72019
501-316-0889 or 501-412-4800
Mondays at 6pm
Contact Elizabeth Beckwith for
more informaon at
501-860-1399 or by email at
Friday, Feb. 9 at 6pm &
Saturday, Feb. 10 at 9am
We will look at one of Paul’s leers to Timothy as
he reminded him of the power and responsibility of
sharing the gospel. We want to give God away in the
very places He’s put us, so we’re going to gather for
the purpose of remembering why following God and
making disciples maers. Please sign-up on the
informaon board if you plan to aend.
February 9 & 10
All Ladies
Teens & Up
Young at Heart
Thursday, February 15 at 11:30am
Hospice House Noon Meal
Tuesday, February 27
Please contact Connie
Nichols if you are able to
help with this ministry.
Children’s Ministry
Saturday, February 17
6pm - 8pm
Contact Lindsey Harrison
for more information.
Super Bowl Sunday, February 4
We will have a brief service at 6pm in the church sanctuary.
You are encouraged to make plans with your
Life Group for a Super Bowl watch party and
during halime have someone to lead
a short devoonal.
Saturday, February 10, 6pm
$5per person or $20 per family
(immediate family only)
Ladies Please Bring Desserts
Chili Cook-o - have your chili ready
for judging by 5:15pm on the 10th.
If you would like to donate wild game
meat please contact Robert Brown or
Sco Squires by Tuesday the 6th.
What are YOU going to do
aer the “Bowl” games?
Celebraon Choir
Winter Enrollment
Jan. 14 - Feb. 4
Contact Lynn Madden for
more informaon.
Wednesday, February 7, 7:30pm
In the choir room following Bible Study.